Tyva Republic

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The Tyva Republic is a unique region in the South of Siberia. It is the land of vast steppes and endless mountains, where the indigenous population preserved their own way of life in its initial form. The snowy peaks of The Sayan Mountains, the Tannu-Ola mountain ranges, the Shapshalsky mountain, and the Sengilen mountain range surround the Republic, hiding its beauty and natural treasure as if behind the wall. The Yenisei river has its source in the Republic. The region has its own incredible identity; there you can find shamanic rituals, Buddhism, unique national cuisine and countless archaeological finds.

  • The Burgan-Daa Mountain or the Mountain of God.
  • The Aldyn-Bulak Ethnocultural Complex
  • Scythian Gold
  • Center of Asia Sculptural Complex
  • The valley of Kings

Source: https://russia.travel/tyva/

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