Khakassia Republic

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Khakassia is one of the few regions that has preserved its authentic culture. It is an amazing land, where you can find mystic even today. The area of Khakassia is slightly smaller than the area of Latvia. Traveler can see all the natural monuments of the Republic in the Khakassky nature reserve: stretching to the horizon steppes, purest lakes, and dense cedar forests. The best places for people, who like mysteries and adventurers: mysterious Tuimskiy Proval, at the bottom of which there is a lake with turquoise water; Siberian Stonehenge – a Sunduki (meaning “chests”) mountain range;  ancient menhirs and ethnic settlements.

  • Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station
  • Sunduki (meaning “chests”) mountain range
  • Big Salbykskiy Mound
  • Oglakhty mountain range and burial complex
  • Lakes Ivanovsky


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